*Sends a CONGRATULATIONS all of our finishers for a fantastic run yesterday. Without you we could not have made this day possible! Not only were you generous in your run, but also from your pockets..many thanks for your support! THANK YOU FOR CARING!

*Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, every one of our sponsors who helped make this event happen. Your financial and in-kind support and belief in this cause was an integral piece of this event. We strongly encourage our followers to be aware of all our community sponsors and support them!

*Thanks the 5K team who, once again, coordinated a great event!
Job well done, after hundreds of hours of working to make a dream a reality…. you should be proud!

* Thanks our photographer, Colleen Hildreth for capturing the day and creating memories for us to share for many years to come.

* Once again thanks Races2Run, Zeke our Pacer, Hockessin Community Services, for their generous time and support. and Fr. Jim Smith for his blessing on the runners prior to the 5K for Gray at Hac!

*Recognizes EVERY PERSON who volunteered and offered to be a part of this day, and Shouts OUT a very big THANK YOU.

Whether you were with us from the inception of this event many months ago, to the very end of Race Day Clean Up, we offer a heart felt THANK YOU, for what you were able to give us!

….A volunteer from Holy Angels, Padua Academy, St. E’s, Sallies or St Mary’s , we thank you.

….A friend, or friend of a friend, who wanted to do something for the cause saying, “I’m here, how can I help?” we thank you!
Thanks the many Family and Friends who traveled just minutes OR spent hours on the road or in the air just to support or be part of the
race ….we thank you!

* Recognizes we might have left some folks out of the Thank You List….but know we appreciate all your help, care and support to find research for pediatric brain tumors.


Jim and Geralyn Ryerson
Grayson Saves Foundation





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