98.1 WOGL Radiothon

September 5th and September 6th 2013 marked the 12th Annual Radiothon sponsored by 98.1 WOGL and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, live in the hospital Atrium for two days. During the live telecast, the WOGL “WE LOVE OUR KIDS” campaign, raised more than $635,000 for CHOP Kids! No expenses, no hidden costs, no administration fees, all the monies went direcly to the needs of the children at CHOP. Yes, that is right… 100% of the money collected went to CHOP!

Grandparents, Geralyn and Jim were interviewed prior to the event and asked to share their story of Grayson, through the lens of loving grandparents.

All day Thursday and Friday from 6:00Am to 7:00PM the vignettes of various CHOP children were highlighted and Grayson was one of them. His story touched many lives and peopled reached a little deeper into their pockets for these kids and their families. Friday afternoon, they did a live broadcast at the Ryan Seacrest Radio Station, located in the Atrium of the hospital, with super big brother Aydan. He was a bit shy to say anything on air, but had a big smile on his face and a super hero on this shirt!

How fortunate to be a part of this event.

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