Past Events

Find out the latest in pediatric brain tumor research on Thursday, April 18 at a special New York event hosted by Tom and Patty Parsekian, “Brain Matters: How CHOP is Banking on Tomorrow.”
The Grayson Saves Foundation is going and we have already registered to attend. 

When: Thursday April 18th 2013 6-8PM

Where: WCBS – TV 524 West 57th Street NY 

Why: .”Chop has a comprehensive research program for childhood brain tumors, which includes laboratory investigations designed to identify new treatment strategies and clinical studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of these new approaches.

Topic: Brain Matters: How CHOP is Banking on Tomorrow


Phillip “Jay” Storm MD 
Incoming Chief, Div of Neurosurgery

Tom Curran Ph.D
Deputy Scientific Director

Peter Phillips MD
Director, Pediatric Neuro-Ongology Program

Adam Resnick Ph.D
Research Scientist in Neuro-Oncology

Cocktails and conversation with the doctors. 
Hosted by Tom and Patty Parsekian

For more information, or to RSVP contact Lori Busch at 267-426-6465 or busch@email.chop.ed

UPDATE on the CHOP event in NYC 4/18/2013.

Wow!  The event was mind blowing.

Some thoughts that I left with…..

Childhood brain tumor research and progress is slowly developing. New treatment strategies like ….”Consortium pools (of tumor tissue specimens) samples from a group of institutions, providing an important scientific resource for cooperative studies.” and clinical studies that evaluate safety /effectiveness of these approaches. (

” The better we understand the mutational landscape of tumors, the closer we will be to defining therapies tailored to a patient’s specific subtype of cancer.” (Dr. Adam Resnick)

So much more money is needed to specifically focus on pediatric brain tumors. 

Bottom line is we need to do our part and put it out there…we need help in lobbying for support and research of pediatric brain tumors in our own county, state and nationally. 

Awareness and funding is crucial….. 

How can you best serve this cause????

Send Messages of Caring to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
The Grayson Saves Foundation encourages all of it’s followers to send a Massage of Courage.
Just copy the link to your browser and get involved.

Brain Cancer as a whole deserves just as much awareness and research support as any other disease.