Gerry and Grayson..Mothers Day 2014

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and the bond between a mother and child is something that cannot be quantified. All week long we are honoring Mother’s who have dealt with hardships that have afflicted their children’s health.

Today’s story touches on the lives of CHOP grandmother Geralyn, and her three year old grandson, Grayson. Grayson was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. Grayson suffered from a tumor on his brain stem which is inoperable and he was stricken with the burden of enduring 15 months of chemotherapy.

The ordeal has been a lot for Geralyn and the family. “You see them going to school. You see them graduating. You see them going to high school. You see them on their wedding day. We don’t have that with Grayson,” said Geralyn.

Despite all of this, her spirit is not wavering. “Grayson is in good hands, and we just pray that he stays strong, that the chemo continues to help him and that by the time he gets older maybe there will be a cure for him,” Geralyn said.

It is difficult for such a daunting situation to befall such a young child. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is the leading pediatric cancer center in the country and Grayson’s best hope for survival.

Geralyn is confident that her grandson is in the right place. “If anybody is going to find a cure, I know it’s going to be CHOP.”

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