Resnick/Storm Lab @ The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Today September 26th, 2014 is national pediatric brain cancer awareness day. We at TGSF are raising awareness and donations to fight pediatric brain cancer everyday. When we say that 100% of your donations are donated to CHOP for pediatric brain cancer research, we mean 100% of it. We have no over head. All the members of TGSF volunteer their time and efforts to help TGSF, Grayson, and all the children that have this terrible disease. Thank you to all the Volunteers and donors from all corners of the land.

Lets take this global!!!! No child should have to battle cancer. #Trulybrave


Please click the link below and read further information to learn where and how every dollar that comes into TGSF goes directly towards research for pediatric brain cancer.


Childrens Brain Tumor Tissue Fact sheet


  1. […] All Proceeds collected from the race go directly to our research team at CHOP. […]

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